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JAみい 野菜直販サイト「やさいと」

[Winter vegetables] Hakata Amaou KINGCAKE

[Winter vegetables] Hakata Amaou KINGCAKE

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Release date: November to April *Subject to change depending on the weather.

Fresh vegetables Amaou King Cake product description from vegetable direct sales site “Yasaito”

We will deliver surprises and luxurious moments at premium Hakata Amaou.

``Hakata Amaou KINGCAKE'' is a specially grown premium Amaou that grows to about 5 times the weight of normal Amaou.
The sweetest part of the strawberry spreads out in a fan shape, so there are more delicious parts than usual, and the whole strawberry is also sweeter. When eating, eat from near the stem to the tip so that you can enjoy the deliciousness until the end.

This Amaou is a special Amaou created by the blessings of nature, and can only be harvested during a short period of time around December and February. You can use this special Amaou as a gift for your loved one, as a reward for yourself, or as a lucky charm due to its fan shape.

Please enjoy a surprising and luxurious time with the special "Hakata Amaou KINGCAKE".

[When purchasing this product]

Orders: Complete reservation sales (shipping at any time on a first-come, first-served basis)
(Since it is an agricultural product, the harvesting period is limited, so we cannot specify the shipping date.)
Quantity: To be determined (varies greatly depending on the year)
(There is a limit to the number that can be harvested, so sales will end as soon as the harvest season ends)

Price: 1,650 yen including tax

Please note that due to the characteristics of the product, even if you make a reservation, we may not be able to ship it in that year.

If you have made a reservation and it has not yet been shipped at the end of the season (around February to March), you will be asked to either carry over the reservation to the next year or cancel it, so please check.

*Packaging design may change slightly.

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