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Gold Prize Healthy Rice 5Kg

Gold Prize Healthy Rice 5Kg

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This is an excellent rice whose taste can be described in one word, ``delicious.''

The glossy rice is highly praised for its moderate stickiness and sweetness that oozes out the more you chew.

It has a slightly darker taste than white rice, but when cooked, it comes out shiny just like white rice.
It's a delicious rice that doesn't have the taste of brown rice.

The best parts of two types of rice. Sweetness that comes out when you bite into it

His father is Koshihikari, which is known for its delicious taste, and his mother is Koganeharu, a rice that has been loved since ancient times, so he has inherited the best qualities of both rices.
The origin of the name ``Hinohikari'' is ``the light of the sun,'' and it is a type of rice grown in Fukuoka that is healthy and healthy, having been exposed to the sun's rays.

Just as delicious. New rice polishing method

Vitamin E deficiency is said to be one of the causes of various functional disorders such as aging, age spots, arteriosclerosis, and menopausal disorders.

Through joint research with Kindai University, it has become possible to visualize vitamin E, which was previously removed.

In particular, ``tocopherol'' contained in vitamin E is a hot topic nutritional ingredient, and has even attracted attention in the field of rejuvenation. Gold Award Healthy Rice allows you to ingest such nutritional ingredients by eating rice.

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