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JAみい 野菜直販サイト 「やさいと」

[Anniversary vegetables] Arugula 50g x 20 bags (capacity 1kg)

[Anniversary vegetables] Arugula 50g x 20 bags (capacity 1kg)

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A popular vegetable in Italian cuisine. Enjoy on salads or pizza.
It can also be used as an ingredient in miso soup or as a side dish. Adding it to a salad will give it an even better taste.

[Arugula (Family: Brassicaceae)]

In Italy, France, and other countries, a mix of seven types of baby leaves called ``Muskran'' is eaten. It is a Western version of the ``seven herbs of spring,'' so to speak, and you can enjoy its taste, texture, and leaf shape.

Arugula, endive, escarole, lettuce, trevis, marsh, and dandelion are common. Among them, arugula is indispensable for its spiciness and sesame flavor.

It is also classified as an herb because of its unique aroma and medicinal properties.

It has two to three times more vitamin C and calcium than spinach, and also contains beta-carotene , which is said to have a preventive effect against colds and blood clots.

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